Gourmet Hamburger Helper + Sewing

It quickly became apparent to Jerry Don my inability to be a good homemaker when we first got married.  I wouldn’t necessarily say I wasn’t taught things; I just didn’t listen. Who needs to learn how to cook a gourmet meal.  I can fix a mean box of mac-n-cheese and if it was a gourmet night, it was Hamburger Helper.  Often times I enjoyed to change it up and cook spaghetti.  Cleaning the stove meant buying the disposable burner covers and cleaning out the fridge meant we were going Tupperware shopping.

The first time Jerry Don asked me if I would sew a button back on his shirt, my heart lurched into my throat.  After all, the marriage was still new and I wanted to prove what an amazing wifey I could be.  I sat there, staring at the needles and various shades of thread.  Needles came in different sizes?

…. I can do this; how hard can it be?

Jerry Don headed for his routine morning shower and I knew that gave me 20 minutes to figure this out.  I chose a needle, the biggest one of course so I could thread it easily.  I selected the thread that closely matched the color of the shirt.  I said a quick Ha! having conquered threading the needle for the first time (remember, biggest needle possible), and thought to myself.  Here. we. go.

I positioned the button in it’s proper place and that’s when I realized why there are different sized needles.  So after the needle change out and several attempts to thread, I took on the challenge.  Let’s just say it was a complete fail and Jerry Don has never asked me to sew anything again…

…. or iron.  But that is a whole different disaster.

On a different subject, I want everyone to remember to put safety first during their New Year’s festivities and have a wonderful New Year’s Eve!

Happy Wednesday!




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