Frustrated Sighs

I pulled my camera out of my purse and I could hear the frustrated sighs.  Here is the problem, dear internet.  As a photographer, I love to document everything, but over the last few years, with the business hopping, especially weddings, documenting the everyday happenings with my family decreased, significantly.  Can you believe I failed to get Alexandria’s “school” pictures taken last year? When I first started the photography journey years ago, I whipped my camera out for everything.  Everything.  I enjoy being a Lifestyle photographer and when I started blogging, it was just icing on the cake.  It was my outlet, though my writing skills lack…. well… everything.  As business and the kids’ activities picked up, blogging and shooting the everyday happenings took last place…. and eventually became obsolete.

….. and now I am fixing to tell you why I got the frustrated sighs.  I was delving into the old blogs I used to love to read from various photographers, and came across a couple of photographers, who themselves have also given up a percentage of their business for their families.  I immediately felt my heart jump.  Because their creativity was taking a different road.  A road I used to travel.  With weddings put on hold, cutting back my business significantly, I wanted to find something to push my creativity and see just how far my boundaries go……

…. and I used to love that with blogging and random, lifestyle shooting.

And this is where the frustrated sighs come in.  As I adjusted the settings on my camera, the sighs were getting more intense.  I looked up and Jerry Don and Alexandria and said, deal with it as the lady, who patiently sat across the table, tried to understand the situation as it unfolded.  Alexandria, knowing this was a losing battle, tried to force me into a pinky promise of no more photos of her sleeping  (will she ever let that go?) and Jerry Don, in his best supportive way, says do what you enjoy, baby.

So as we picked out Alexandria’s first pair of glasses, I snapped this photo as our associate filled out the necessary paperwork.  Although she just requires reading glasses, it’s the first pair, the first time, and dear internet, you know how I love to document firsts.  I tell her be glad I began this adventure after her potty training years.  I will spare you the nasty response I got to that. 

At the end of the day, this is what I know.  We have to live in the moment.  We have to follow dreams and goals.  We have to pursue the things we enjoy.  Because life is short.  Too short.


Happy Monday,



Laura Stricklin - Arkansas Seniors - www.laurastricklin.com_838


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