Alexandria turns 14

I love your determination, in whatever the goal, despite the number of hills you have to climb.  I love your devotion to those who are weaker.  I love that you are in a constant campaign against bullying.  I love your ability to cook.  I love how you want a Quinceanera instead of a sweet 16; which brings me to my next point, loving your desire to be different.   I love how you always sacrifice for your brother; or try to divert us when he is in trouble.  I love how intelligent you are, even though it’s embarrassing that I have to ask the definition to much of your vocabulary.   I love how you constantly want to spare the feelings of those who deserve it.  I love your constantly giving me fashion advice, for hair, makeup, and clothes.  I love how quick-witted your are.  I love that you can handle sweats/t-shirt and no makeup, but you can not leave without hair being perfect, even if in a ponytail.  I love your smile.  I love how your eyes change from blue to green, depending on the clothing you wear.  I love how you always stand up for what you believe is right, no matter the cost.  I love the constant wise cracks and jokes you make.  I love that you want to learn photography.  I love how artistic you are.  I love how musical you are.  I love how you took on the challenge of a new school, with no fear, and have succeeded in everything you dreamed you wanted to do.  I love how happy you are now.  I love how you are actually enjoying being in front of the camera now.  I love how you can’t go to school without your cup of coffee.  I love how you put everyone else first, even when it comes to simply deciding on the flavor of your birthday cake.  I love your wise choices of role models.  I love that, even though you have risen to the top in so many things, you still remain humble.  I love that we force each other into pinky swears to hold us accountable, even at 14.

In the end, I love everything about you.  And though it saddens me deeply that you have turned 14, I am proud all the same of the beautiful young lady you are becoming.


Happy 14th birthday, Ladybug. 

I love you, always and forever.



Laura Stricklin - Arkansas Seniors - www.laurastricklin.com_872 Laura Stricklin - Arkansas Seniors - www.laurastricklin.com_873 Laura Stricklin - Arkansas Seniors - www.laurastricklin.com_874 Laura Stricklin - Arkansas Seniors - www.laurastricklin.com_875


And thought I would add a photo of her new hairdo!  My blonde beauty wanted to go dark for a while!

Laura Stricklin - Arkansas Seniors - www.laurastricklin.com_876


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