Happy Birthday, Hubby!

I’ve sat on this post for a week now….trying to find the words that I can so perfectly wrap in a bow and deliver, revealing what my heart, mind, body, and soul feels for you.   And still, nothing. 

….and I realize it’s simple.  There isn’t a love language out there strong enough to make you understand just how deep my love is for you.  You are my best friend.  I ache for you, even when you are sitting next to me.  I still tremble when you touch me.  I still get nervous on dates.  Your laugh is like a harp gently played and makes my heart warm.  Your courage is overwhelming and encourages me all the same to take on challenges head on.  Your selflessness encourages me to learn from you and see others before myself.  Your love for our children leaves me pushed to be a better mom each day.  Your support makes me feel like I could do anything.  

Words may have failed me, in describing how I feel for you.  But, this I know.  God hand-crafted you and delivered you to me, because there is not another man in this world who could deal with me the way do.  You always know the right things to say.  You’re truly my best friend.  And I am thankful for God, who knew the kind of man who I needed.

Happy birthday, handsome.  

Love always,


Laura Stricklin - Arkansas Seniors - www.laurastricklin.com_878


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