Moved… again.

I was determined to be all cool and hip… and tough.  I told Jerry Don, no worries.  I do Crossfit now.

Do you see where this is going? I stooped over to pick up the over-sized box, which undoubtedly had to be the one filled with books.  I heaved it up with a grunt, walked it to the garage, dropped it to the ground, and gave Jerry Don the look of, See! Bam! Crossfit.

What I failed to tell him was the instant twinge I felt shoot down the left side of my back.  Pride got the best of me and I’ll be darned if his suggestion of too heavy was going to be spot on.

Oh dear internet, this came back to haunt me in two ways:  1.  In that moment, I continued to work through the pain, because by gosh, I do Crossfit.  2.  In our continued packing, when faced with a heavy box, I step around it in attempt to go for the less-back-muscle-pulling boxes, and that is when I hear it, But I thought you did Crossfit. 

Jerry Don thinks he’s smart. 

2015 came fast and heavy.  I still haven’t given up on my desire to do my every day blogging again, but right now, I am failing miserably, and I’m still trying to figure out when October decided to show it’s face!  But the Stricklin household should be settling down some for us, as we just found a new home, which comes with a new workplace for me and my photography.

For now, I’m taking volunteers for box carrying, and maybe I can show you my mad Crossfit skills on how to lift pillows and the occasional bag of clothes, because my back still secretly screams, Don’t. Do. It.

Happy Monday.



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