When I opened Jerry Don’s trunk, my first reaction was to slam it shut before the neighbors could see.  My eyes wandered over every one of them and all I could say, you actually got these for free?

You see dear internet, after years of begging, pleading, persuading, my husband has finally decided to get into the holiday spirit.  So you can imagine his excitement when he stumbled across an ad on Craig’s List for free mannequin heads.  Yes, I said mannequin heads.

As we stared at them in the trunk, I asked the dreaded question.  What do you plan to do with these?  With a Grinch-like grin, his only reply, you’ll see.

Internet, do you know how creepy it is pulling into the garage with about 10 mannequin heads sitting there staring at you??  He may or may have not used them for prank month and I may or may have not said a few choice words not suitable for kids!  With this said, I am not about to deter him from his holiday spirit as I am hopeful it will carry into Christmas.

Let’s be honest ladies.  We allow the things men do with ulterior motives!

Below are a few photos of our Halloween decorating.  We aren’t finished yet and hope to finish this weekend, but you are getting the idea of my husband’s sadistic mind!  Alexandria made comment that we had to have the good candy in our new neighborhood, but I am pretty sure the kids will be reconsidering approaching our house.  Especially after they survive the scare just for some jaw breakers and gum.

I have a feeling our neighbors are going to question the new tenants on the block! 

Happy Thursday!

PS: The suspended mannequin scares the crap out of me every time I walk out onto our porch!

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