City Life

It’s no secret I was raised a country girl.  My days were filled with words like y’all and ain’t, filled with nose dives into mud puddles, because that’s what we consider fun in the south, and  filled with weekend bonfires and country music.  Don’t forget about gourmet meals like beans and fried tators, with a side of cornbread!  As most of you know, we have decided to uproot our little country life and transition to the big city.  It’s a big one.  Transition that is.  Jerry Don and I grew up and spent our whole lives where we lived, embracing our country ways, bike riding, 4-wheeler muddin, nitty gritty camping, and again, campfire with beans, cornbread, and friiiiiiied tators.

Many said, you won’t like the city life.  The city life is sooooo different.  What about the traffic and the noise?  

But the truth?  I’m. In. Love.  The Walmart is four minutes away.  They have this cute, quiet, and extremely pleasant to the tastebud little bakery just down the street.   The neighborhood is quite pleasant with sidewalks making it easier to go on a bike ride or a walk, and Alexandria has transitioned from couch potato to constant plans of skating, bowling, movies, or the mall.

The noise really isn’t that bad and the traffic…… well, that is the one thing I will have to work on; if people would just learn to stay out of my way.

I’m sure there will be a day I will miss some of the country roots, the 4-wheelin, the catfishing, the frog giggin…….  the cow tippin… wait, did I say that out loud?

But for now, we will embrace the city life, while we still eat our beans, cornbread, and fried tators…

….if I could just convince people to drive like me, I’d be set.  My hubby says it’s my driving not theirs….. pfft! What does HEEE know!

Happy Wednesday!



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