Worst Mother Award During Prank Month

We had just laid down and settled in for the night.  At this point, Alexandria had been in the bed for about 15 minutes, long enough to drift off into dreamland.  When Jerry Don told me his weapon of choice, my eyes lit up.  For once, I got to be the partner in crime for prank month.  It has been no secret, Jerry Don and Alexandria always gang up on me.

As many of you may remember from past Halloween posts, the Stricklin household holds the famous annual prank month during the month of October.  This year has been a brutal one.  Where do I start.  Jerry Don got his hands on these freaky mannequin heads . He took it upon himself to set one up on one of my tripods with a hood.  When Alexandria and I got home, after dark mind you, we got the scare of our life when we opened the door, as he felt the need to plant it right at the door.  I may have called him a few choice words, and there may or may not be video of that!  Then, he and Alexandria thought it funny to tie a snake to fishing line, tie it to the knob of the door, so when I opened the door, it slithered the snake too me.  The worst part? It was plastic, so as it moved across the floor, it made what sounded to me, a hissing sound.  *violent body shake*.

Theeeeeeennn, as I drove to work one morning, people were honking at me and waving frantically.  I even had a guy behind me at the stop light taking photos of my car.  I didn’t get it.  Until I got to work and people were staring at me.  Taped on the back of my SUV was a huge pink poster board that stated Honk and wave at my mom; Prank month 2K15, love your daughter and husband.

…..Did I mention one of those individuals to throw a big wave with a smile was a cop? And my SUV is white, so that pink board stood out like a sore thumb!!

Which brings me back to that night.  The night Jerry Don told me about his weapon.  The blow horn.  Again, Alexandria had just drifted off into dreamland.  Jerry Don put one of the scary masks at the end of a broom.  We snuck into her room.  He held the mask over her face and then I squeezed that little blow horn as hard as I could.

That’s when it happened.  That’s when I realized I just earned the worst mother award.  I heard a repeated scream for mom come out of her mouth so many times, it made me sick to my stomach.  A scream that I never, ever want to hear any of my children scream again.  I cuddled with her for a few moments until she fell asleep again, not wanting to leave her as I felt she officially hated me.

… Did I mention we had just went to a haunted house that night? A pretty intense one…..

..I know, worst mother award.

As Jerry Don and I laid in bed, we discussed how we are the worst parents in the world.  Obviously it was a scream daddy never wants to hear again either.  So, it goes without saying, Jerry Don and I may have had the best prank, but in our minds, we lost prank month.

The next morning, Jerry Don and I gave our apologies and promised to never do it again.  Alexandria looked at me with the most mischievous, intense look and calmly replied, all is fair in prank month, so you and dad better just watch your backs.

…. .dear internet, I’m! Scared!

Happy Halloween, 2K15!

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