So.  Let’s start with the boring basics!  My name is Laura Stricklin.  I am 38-years-old and tell people I am 25.  I was a lifestyle wedding photographer.  Recent life events have changed my course, and now enjoy outings with the seniors and the occasional family shoot. I am a mother of 2 wonderful children (Greg and Alexandria) and a wife to the best man in the world, Jerry Don.  I strive bring long-lasting memories AND a long-lasting experience for my clients through the art of photography!!!

So.  Now that you have the “need to knows”; here is who I really am!  My favorite food is Mexican.  I don’t like Sloppy Joes.  I am a night owl; prefer late mornings and late nights but working on getting that reversed.  It’s not working well!  Pajama bottoms are not a fashion statement in my opinion; but they are my favorite to wear!  Are you ready for some football?  I always am.  And on that note; I love to watch football but love to play basketball.  I vote.  I like to karaoke to my steering wheel in the car and occasionally to my brush in the shower.  I prefer lip gloss over lip stick.   I choose black for my wardrobe in hopes that it will slim me.  I believe in God.  I don’t like my nose.  I hate math; it frightens me.  I love to read, blog, and run in my spare time; I ran my first 5k in 2010 and it was a phenomenal experience.  I enjoy the occasional Girl’s Night Out, but put my kids, husband, and dog first!  Oh.  Yea.  I have a dog; she is a yellow lab named Goldie Mae.  My daughter and I still have an ongoing argument who is Goldie Mae’s true owner; I still say she loves me more!  I think I act a lot like my mother.  I am an overprotective sibling. Yes.  I am the oldest!  I hate wearing heels; I would wear flip-flops 365 days of the year if I could.   I love to camp; but in an air-conditioned fifth wheel.  I could eat cheese with every meal.  I hate Mountain Dew.  I think my husband knows everything (no sarcasm intended; I seriously do)!  I love hot baths; what girl doesn’t.  I brag about my kids too much; what mother doesn’t! I LOVE to rock out shoots; I go crazy and silly so my clients have a good time although it doesn’t bode well for my personal image!   I talk fast.  I hate shooting it straight so I sugar-coat; my husband hates sugar-coating so he shoots it straight.  Can you say Yin and Yang?

So.  That’s it in a nut shell.  Well.  There is much more; but did I mention I ramble and don’t know when to quit?

I apologize for the selfie.   It’s quite obvious by my inability to take a good selfie with an iPhone, the attempt with my camera could be dangerous!








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