City Life

It’s no secret I was raised a country girl.  My days were filled with words like y’all and ain’t, filled with nose dives into mud puddles, because that’s what we consider fun in the south, and  filled with weekend bonfires and country music.  Don’t forget about gourmet meals like beans and fried tators, with a side of cornbread! … More City Life


When I opened Jerry Don’s trunk, my first reaction was to slam it shut before the neighbors could see.  My eyes wandered over every one of them and all I could say, you actually got these for free? You see dear internet, after years of begging, pleading, persuading, my husband has finally decided to get into … More Suspended


I stood there, smack in the middle of the parking lot, shocked.  Jerry Don and Alex’s laughter was immensely ringing in my ears and the only words I could mutter, please. get. me. something.  My gag reflexes were starting to take hold and it was all I could do not to release that morning’s breakfast all over … More Poo

Moved… again.

I was determined to be all cool and hip… and tough.  I told Jerry Don, no worries.  I do Crossfit now. Do you see where this is going? I stooped over to pick up the over-sized box, which undoubtedly had to be the one filled with books.  I heaved it up with a grunt, walked … More Moved… again.

Excuses + Shock

Three years ago, a family tragedy threw us into a whirlwind of pain, shock, confusion, and the list can go on.  It also caused my writer’s block (which I am not that great at anyway) and I have struggled to blog since then. But, we pushed through, and life has been on the up and up…. …..but … More Excuses + Shock

Perfectly imperfect

I received comments, messages, emails.  You’re such a cute couple.  You two are so meant to be.  You make me believe in soul mates. Let me tell you dear internet, life is no Disney World at the Stricklins.  There is a life of perfection and then there is a life of perfectly imperfect. We are perfectly … More Perfectly imperfect


Never overwhelm yourself, because you are broken.  We are all broken in one way or another; and I have found, if you seek God, He can produce the most beautiful things out of the most broken….. …even a broken faucet serves a beautiful purpose, other than a high water bill! Happy Monday, xoxo, Laura

Full Heart

With the New Year and more down time with my family, I sit and savor these moments.  Soak them in.  And my heart is full… ……and my cup runneth over. Happy Wednesday, xoxo, Laura.  

Frustrated Sighs

I pulled my camera out of my purse and I could hear the frustrated sighs.  Here is the problem, dear internet.  As a photographer, I love to document everything, but over the last few years, with the business hopping, especially weddings, documenting the everyday happenings with my family decreased, significantly.  Can you believe I failed to get Alexandria’s “school” pictures taken last … More Frustrated Sighs

Jewish + Gatorade

He looks at me with an are you serious look and when he realizes I am serious as a heart attack, he laughs.  I have to admit, I was a little irritated by his inability to keep his thoughts about the situation to himself.  You see dear internet, this is how it goes down.  3 a.m. … More Jewish + Gatorade

Good things come to an end + LSP brings sad/happy news

Sometimes.  I just sit.  Watching her. Sometimes.  I get caught.  “Why are you looking at me?” These last couple of years have sucked the life out of me.  From the moment our family lost a loved one January 2012 until today, when I am still coping with the fact that my baby girl has turned … More Good things come to an end + LSP brings sad/happy news


I love what I do.  Truly, truly love what I do.  But, running a business isn’t a pieces of cake.  The legality of it alone is enough to force an individual to yank out a hand full of hair and say… whatevaaaaa!  Obviously, there is a lot of hair pulling as it is tax season! … More Reflect

Alexandria turns 13

Can someone please, please tell me where the last 13 years have gone? I remember holding my bundle of joy for the first time, realizing, she was actually a girl.  Not a boy, as we anticipated, (even had a blue shower and Cowboy’s jersey she was coming home in), a beautiful, perfect little girl.  I’m … More Alexandria turns 13

How to feel young!

Everyone loves the movie The Santa Clause.  I believe all children should watch that about the time they start to doubt Santa’s existence….. because let me tell you, I believe.  Otherwise, my stocking isn’t filled with awesome goodies each year!  And lets just say, Santa spoils me. But, my ultimate favorite part of the movie, … More How to feel young!