2014 Urban Fringe

Making the move to NW Arkansas a year ago (I know.. can you believe it has been a year????) was both scary and exciting.  One of the first adventures I wanted to pursue up here was transformation of my appearance.  I found it much easier to do in an environment of people I didn’t know! … More 2014 Urban Fringe

Military Month

As many of you already know, May is military month!  I’m sure, for some, they get restless hearing “pray for the troops”, “give to the military”, among all the social media posts, photos, and videos.  But this I can promise… it is no more restless than a man or woman, sleeping through gunshots, eating powdered food, … More Military Month


Yesterday, I posted a wedding.  I really put emphasizes on their amazing wedding vows, because I just have to tell you my dear internet, they. were. yummy.  My biggest disappointment with giving up weddings for a while is experiencing the love between two people.  I recall the first time Jerry Don shot with me and then … More Fifteen

Good things come to an end + LSP brings sad/happy news

Sometimes.  I just sit.  Watching her. Sometimes.  I get caught.  “Why are you looking at me?” These last couple of years have sucked the life out of me.  From the moment our family lost a loved one January 2012 until today, when I am still coping with the fact that my baby girl has turned … More Good things come to an end + LSP brings sad/happy news


I love what I do.  Truly, truly love what I do.  But, running a business isn’t a pieces of cake.  The legality of it alone is enough to force an individual to yank out a hand full of hair and say… whatevaaaaa!  Obviously, there is a lot of hair pulling as it is tax season! … More Reflect

Alexandria turns 13

Can someone please, please tell me where the last 13 years have gone? I remember holding my bundle of joy for the first time, realizing, she was actually a girl.  Not a boy, as we anticipated, (even had a blue shower and Cowboy’s jersey she was coming home in), a beautiful, perfect little girl.  I’m … More Alexandria turns 13

How to feel young!

Everyone loves the movie The Santa Clause.  I believe all children should watch that about the time they start to doubt Santa’s existence….. because let me tell you, I believe.  Otherwise, my stocking isn’t filled with awesome goodies each year!  And lets just say, Santa spoils me. But, my ultimate favorite part of the movie, … More How to feel young!

Why I second shoot… even though I’m a first shooter

Someone asked me one time, why I still second shoot when the opportunity arises.  It’s simple.  It keeps the creative juices flowing.  When time is crunched, creativity isn’t usually on the list of priorities on a wedding day.  So I go with safe poses and ones I normally use.  Yes, we have a timeline and … More Why I second shoot… even though I’m a first shooter

Nephews and Nieces

I mentioned in my Merry Christmas post and the wedding I posted this week, that we have had a year of family happenings.  It has been a busy one, to say the least.  But the three most impacting were my two new nephews and new niece.  Needless to say, we had a baby boom in our … More Nephews and Nieces

Merry Christmas

I know that my blog has been more than abandoned.  It’s been a busy, but blessed year with our move, the business, two new nephews and niece, with the announcement of another on the way.  It’s definitely been a year of family happenings and I am so thankful and grateful!  So… with that being said, … More Merry Christmas